You are sadistic and spiteful

You find pain delightful

You exist to drag everyone else down

It's because of your vile folk

That I am a misanthrope

So call me the worst guy around

I don't go along with your insanity

So I've been outcast from humanity

Yet there's hope for you yet

I'll take a chance I may regret

I will say what must be said

Everyone thinks of me differently

But everyone thinks of me the same

I have been called evil, wicked and insane

Everything I've ever said seems to be in vain

So I'll take an active approach

I will hope that you encroach

Heed my advice, please hear me

This is a road I take alone

As in the past, I've been shown

I cannot trust the people near me

Leave all your securities behind

Take a chance to change your mind

I am not all that I seem

Yes it's pointless to dream

But for once I'll see through my scheme

Everyone thinks of me differently

But everyone thinks of me the same

Do not call me evil, wicked and insane

Because I am not the one you should blame

I have made plenty of mistakes in the past

But I still don't deserve to be an outcast

I know that I'll probably fall

The odds are stacked too tall

It's better to have tried

Than to have died

With no legacy at all

Is what I would like to say

But I doubt life will go that way

Reality has never been kind to me

I'll have the life I've always known

No matter what, I'll be alone

Making sure the mask is all you see

Life is not as simple as some of you claim

To think that it is is nothing short of insane

I could live a life I hate

A bad hand dealt to me by fate

No matter what, there is no escape

If some of you would think differently

You might realize history is the same

Humankind is evil, wicked and insane

And everything you say to them is in vain

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